Love this combination of bright yellow and dark blue.

Love this combination of bright yellow and dark blue.

About me? Well, I’m an Indonesian. I speak commonly three languages; Javanese, Indonesian, and English. I’m still learning Japanese, Korean, and Italian but currently got hooked too with Tagalog. Yes, I’m that greedy…

I live my entire life in Surakarta (or you might recognized it as Solo). Right now, I’m trying to express myself more on many blogs but you see… I’m not exactly a constant blogger; my mood is always like a night breeze. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is anywhere but there.

I currently work on Terasolo Media, a website about news from Solo’s small and medium enterprises. I rewrite the Indonesian articles into English and then post them to Terasolo in English. I also went ahead by managing Terasolo’s social media accounts such as Twitter @terasolo and Facebook Fanpage. I volunteered at Bagi-Bagi Bahasa as a Page Administrator, Moderator and Contributor for basic English, Korean and Japanese in their Facebook page. I enjoy blogging to spend my spare time and to vent up my emotions since I’m more introvert that what many people think.

Anyway, please be kind to me… Thank you for understanding. Terima kasih. 감사합니다! ありがとう! Have a blasting day! 🙂


3 thoughts on “About

  1. yeah, I am always excited to know the blog reporting about my hometown, Solo City alias Surakarta. Nice blog! Keep going to tell the world about that city.

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