[LIFE UPDATE] Hooray, I am More Socialized These Past Weeks!

If you think this is not enough for me to celebrate; I still think it’s worth more than enough! Ha.

I rarely went out of my house. Sometimes I didn’t go out for two weeks. I’m not as lonely as you think I would be: I’m just fine. Like, I can still talk with my sister and my kitties, so nothing went wrong. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying having new people to interact.


So I’ve been coming to this English Club held by Akademi Berbagi Solo for two weeks in a row. YEAY! So meeting new people have been very enjoyable since we can talk  within a theme (not random and awkward) and also I can exercise conversation better because even though it’s easy for me to write in English; being inside English conversation is such a rare occurrence. It’s very different with chatting in English or talking on a phone. LOL.

And also my mom has been encouraging (read: forcing) me to go to pengajian (religious gathering of Muslim to study Islam, literally), like, twice a week. So, I got to interact with many people all the time. I’m not really comfortable yet to be with so many people at once (sometimes there are more than 500 people in the building) and it’s pressures me a lot. However, it’s not that bad compared with my mother’s nagging so I endure. TT

I also have been enjoying the process of writing a blog again, even though it’s not that great and just some personal insight: I feel like I can blow off some fuse. It’s very refreshing. I still can’t post regularly and more to spurge writing for several posts when I’m in the mood rather than writing one post every day.

My house also changes staple food every day! LOL. So, apparently my mother has been trying to diversifies our food. Javanese’s staple food is white rice. However, she had changed our white rice with potatoes, pasta, black rice, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. It’s not really a great deal for me but my father was complaining. LOL. I always wonder what will I eat for tomorrow’s breakfast every time I go to sleep.

That’s all for today. I’m gonna post more about English Club and also some more experience that probably needed to be shared. Maybe some posts of Small Thought here and there, also I want to add Fangirling posts later on when I have time to procrastinate more. Have a good one!

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