A Purrfshot after Diwut’s Vaccination


Diwut and me on the backseat, yeah... Backseat. #itsapun #notfunny?

Diwut and me on the backseat, yeah… Backseat. #itsapun #notfunny?*
Anyway, it’s been a while since we went to Kawatan Pet Clinic and Shop. The last time was around two weeks ago, to bath Diwut and Iyong. However, today is different.
We go to the clinic for Diwut vaccination (and an excuse for my younger sister to survey the clinic for her interior designing project. Ah, all is well, all is well…) and the doctor said that Diwut won’t need another vaccination for a year.
The vaccine is pretty much easy on the pocket (for a year investation, that is), on IDR140K for a shot. Oh, and we got a Pet Health Record for Diwut too! Sleek.


Anyway, the journey from home to clinic and vice versa is not any least as eventful as Diwut’s first experience in riding a moving car (he’s totally okay when the car is NOT MOVING, mind you) that is as horrible experience for me and for Diwut too. He is now very calm (despite the frantic heart beats) and just clings on me when outside his basket. Well done, Diwut, well done…
Uh, well… Just want to share that now. Not really interesting, but I kinda need to vent out of my mind. Ciao.

*for my excuse, the reference is actually a KPop song from the gentleman-group named JYJ and the song title is Backseat. Yes. Backseat.


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