Chronicles of Triondolo: the Blue Door and that Orange Jacket

So, I’ve been looking for something to write for over a year. LOL. No, actually I’m a bit of a lazy butt so it is understandable that I have zero care for my blogs. Like, obviously if I’m not very much love to write diary then it won’t be very different with blog, right? The concept of blogging is like writing on an e-diary or something similar. 😀

So, to stop my blabber mouth…

As one of the Triondolo's member, this is me that represent the orange color. LOL.

As one of the Triondolo’s member, this is me that represent the orange color. LOL.

The picture I post as featured image was taken some days ago when I go for a short vacation in Lunar New Year (Forced) Holiday. It was “forced” because it was really forced. We took the day before the Lunar New Year holiday and a day after that for an off day. My friends are working in a real office, so it was a hectic day. While me that do freelance translation is nowhere near frantic (except that time when my Tweetd*ck stopped working when I need to schedule Twitter posts to fill up my day off). I went there with two of my friends and have a great time walking from one corner to another. We were having fun, really, but the walking part is a bit too much. LOL.

We found the big big big blue door in our second day in Batu, Malang. It was a prop for Museum Angkut (which literally means Transportation Museum). I think the theme is about shores and warehouses. This door is a warehouse door, I suppose. There was not any sign about the door itself, they only gave signage for the pretty cars.

The blue door is very intriguing. It was located right there but nobody really took notice of it. I mean, it was there, and it was true that it did not have any kind of charm in a glance. However, for me, this particular props door was very interesting. So I opted to get a picture with it and see! The proportion and the color is in a very good balance. I’m very satisfied. (After that, a flock of tourists were taking over the door because they thought that it was a pretty decent background).

Anyway, look out for another post because I’m gonna fill this blog with more pictures of me and my friends (The Triondolo) in our vacation. I’m gonna say that we have an agreement of writing blogs about our vacation based on pictures we take (or is that just a one side agreement from me?). I’m not gonna post them in sequence but rather taking them randomly. Ciao! 😀


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