Mini Library Mock Up


It was not a new image since I have post this simultaneously in Path and Twitter.
This is actually my younger sister work for her college assignment. Yep, a mock up. And guess who is the one trying to make everything measured and straight? Yep, that’s me.
Since I have work for several mock up before (I was an Architecture major), making this is actually easier than making a whole building. But my sister decided that one milimeter is just a small gap and everything went into chaos. Not that I want to nag more, but one milimeter is such a big gap in mock up term and I did not like to risk the measurement of the material clashed with each other. Yeah, that did happen.
Uh, well, but I think I made a good job covering all the holes and gaps. It did look decent when my sis took it to the college. LOL.
Ah, make me reminisce the past… Ah, well…


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