Recaps of My Life These Past Months…

Good day, bloggie~ This is Miyu. Again. After a long time of unexpected hiatus… LOL. Life is getting busy and hectic, sometimes I don’t even know how to handle it. But, hey! That’s life! So I think it’s safe to say that I enjoy it to the fullest.

I’ve been thinking of doing this recap for quiet a while (for two days, actually) and I feel like I’m not gonna post any pics for it… LOL. Oh, well, it’s not that I don’t have pics, it’s just that I got too lazy to look for those pics in my hard disk.

Oh, anyway, let’s get started with this recap of my life these past months…

1. My laptop is broken. Like, it can’t be repaired anymore. Totally broken. The worst part is that the hard disk is broken too… There goes my beautiful hard works…

2. Earlier this year, I attend my cousin’s wedding. It was a lavish wedding. It was traditionally lavish. LOL. How do I explain it into words? Hmmm… In our traditional wedding, usually we had one or two performances to entertain the guests. The performances are usually traditional dances. Not everyone has this kind of wedding, because it needs extra money. Two performances are asking a lot. However, my cousin is marrying a girl (a dancer at that) from dancer family (which means all of her family are dancers). To add for the fact that my cousin-in-law has colleague of dancers too… So what happen with their wedding? Well, we can say that most of the wedding was consisted of beautiful performances from traditional and modern dancers… It was magnificent. People would have to use million to have, like, six performances at times. But my cousin-in-law wasn’t spending any money for it… Since, you know, those performances were considered as a gift from friend. Yeah, so a whole three hours of the wedding I was just standing there in the corner; baffled. Ugh, I wish I have the pics…

3. I had a new laptop courtesy of my mom. Thank you, Mom! I love you! I’ve done my job using my father’s laptop, and it’s really inconvenient because he needed it too. So my mom thought that I can buy one for myself, you know, the cheap ones. LOL. But cheap or not, it needs to serve for my needs and it has been doing very fine. Since my works doesn’t really need using graphic and more to use word processor. Great time, great time.

4. I was gone to Bandung after enjoying a month of Ramadan. It was nice to have a change of environment once in a while. Our family is attending an extended-extended-extended family reunion (LOL) there. Well, I called it extended-extended-extended family reunion because it was based from my great-great-great grandpa generation. There were too many people at once from different kind of cities. It was good, the food too. And like usual, Bandung air was cool and airy. Not only attending the reunion, we actually went around to shop in Cibaduyut. That’s a large area of shoe shops. So we bought shoes! Oh, and super-cheap bags too! LOL. It was fun! And I got to ride the train! LOL. I love train, executive class. XD

5. I attended my cousin’s wedding again. She is the younger sister from the cousin I said in point #2. The wedding took place in Brebes. The road was long and bumpy since there weren’t any railroad to Brebes straight from Solo. Because of that, we need to take a van. But the road is really really bumpy. I got all of my body ached after the trip. LOL. But to set aside the lack of sleep and bumpy road, I had a lot of fun. Since I could mingle with my cousins too… I mean, even though we were rarely meet each other, we actually have some “nerdy” connection (or something like that, whatever). All of us is kinda gadget freaks, manga freaks, and had the same sense of humor. Maybe something like that are produced genetically? I don’t know. LOL.

6. Jiya was death. It was a very suffocating time! So she got pregnant and made her tummy big. Well, but what we didn’t know that it’s actually not only a pregnancy case but an ascites too… She actually got miscarriage and we just didn’t understand why her tummy won’t get smaller. We took her to the doctor near our neighborhood but he didn’t really helping so we decided to take it to the animal clinic downtown. That was when we understood Jiya’s severe ascites case. It’s bad. She didn’t want to eat and only drink. We needed to give her medicines too. But a week later, when we supposed to get her checked again in the clinic, she died. It was a painful story. I don’t really think I can handle writing about it previously… But now, it’s kinda a good thing to let it all out. Just, for all of you cat lovers, don’t let your cat drink tap water. Our tap water is not safe to be drank… Really.

7. Cookie’s is coping up without Jiya. She looked lost and lonely for a while, but she survived. Not long after Jiya’s death, Cookie got her first heat… And now, she’s preggy! She’s been a very demanding preggy kitty. Ugh. Well, whatever. I still love her… LOL.

8. I’m still working as a freelance translator. It’s not a tough job, just need dedication and time. However, the articles have been declining so I didn’t really earn much for it. Well… Here goes life… LOL

9. I’ve been trying to be a content writer this months. With the help of my friend, I think I understand one or two things about content writings. And I learn about content plan too.. It’s a nice idea. I think I should make a content plan for this blog too, you know, so I would have motivation to write every day (or at least two days in a week?). Planning really is not my thing, but learning it is fine. I’m good at learning. I learn fast. LOL

10. I’m still translating KPOP songs every morning, and it was fun. Well, it was fun when the demand is crazy and the song is easy. LOL. When it got too much lyrics, I always got dizzy. However, it’s really fun. So I think I would still do it for the next months.

11. I got new haircut! Yeay! After spending my time with a very heavy head (having too much hair is not really comfy), I got rid the most of it. I feel much more breezy, and washing my hair is really simple and quick. I’m happy! LOL. There are so many things I can do with short hair. LOL.

Wow, ELEVEN points. And probably more but I can’t think any more of it. LOL. I guess, that’s life. Everything is changing now and then, sometimes sad, sometimes fun. Let’s love our life from now on. Oh, and I’ve been spending most of spare time to play Line games. They are cute! Really. Extreme lover of I Love Coffee game. LOL. Oh, I’m getting random. Let’s cut it here. LOL.

Have a good day, bloggie~


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