I’m So Done with PDA

pda 01
It was not like I’m being bitter with others relationship. No, of course not. I’m happy that you’re happy, I’m very fine with your relationship with your boyfriend. It’s not a bad thing to show people that you have love and can share it with other people. However, since your subject of affection is not every people in the street, you just can’t flaunt your affection to one person in front of people around. Sure, you can say that I need to get a boyfriend or such so I can experience the joy of doing PDA. You can judge me all you want, but even if I have a relationship, I won’t flaunt it in others eye. It was giving us sore eyes.
I’m just so done with all these corny and cheesy pick up lines, so done with people called each other baby while spoon-feeding each other, so done with your lovey-dovey act. Don’t you feel any shame? I’m so done! -_-
Okay, I should stop ranting… I’m not regretting this post… nor I will. I’m just so done! >_<


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