First Post in May!

01 May

Yeay! It’s May already. It’s officially Mayday today in my town then tomorrow my little sister will have her birthday! Yeay! And so this is the end of this post.

No, of course I’m just kidding!

Oh, God. I became too lazy when the weather is hot. It was fine when the morning start, I will be okay with using my brain. However, after we pass the noon it’s a total different story! The weather would be super hot and I think there are smokes coming out from my head every time I think of something. Thus I refer to not doing anything. Well, even if I try to do something it would be done ve~ry~ slowly… So it wasn’t really effective.

The bad thing is… It would be too hot to rest in my room. However, there aren’t any room unoccupied downstairs so it was very terrible~ So I resort to play with Jiya and Cookie absentmindedly~


Cookie is growing very fast nowadays~ I think that he (it’s a he, I think) can barely open his eyes some days ago but now he waddles everywhere he can with his fluffy tummy. Super cute! He can now see people and close objects and has a habit of licking everything near him; the floor, the pillow, my fingers… He would lick everything in front of him so cutely… He would be up and about in no time and then there goes our lovely resting times. LOL. Kittens is very active so I need to prepare myself with their naughty but cute habit soon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s just unbelievable when I saw Cookie’s previous picture I had took not so long ago. He still so red and fragile, can’t see and just looking for his Mommy’s milk. But now~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe’s turning into this bundle of fluffy fur and joy! I’m so happy~ He’ll turn one month at 4 May and I’m so happy with the progress of his growth.

However, seems like the hot weather is taking its toll for the cats too~ Jiya is really clingy right now and refused to eat her favorite kibbles (I have it on stock for like two bags). It would be really bad if she refused to eat, then losing weight, then refused to feed Cookie so I bought her a can of wet food. At first, I gave her a bowl of wet food but it’s gone too quickly if I do that so my father came up with an idea of mixing her dry food with the wet food. That way she can eat but we can save money too. LOL. It turns out great. Jiya is happily eating her dry but wet food (or wet but dry food, whatever) and Cookie can feed off Jiya well too. Happily ever after, just perfect!

Now I think I need to sleep for tomorrow I have to attend a serious meeting with my colleagues (usually it was never sound this serious). Well, good day to you all! 🙂


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