Knitting and Whatnot


That is not me trying to knit. I swear!

I was thinking about knitting since yesterday. Even though Indonesia is a bit to hot to wear anything knitted but I really wanted to try once in a while. Or probably we can make it for hijab in a cold and rainy day? That’s a pretty good idea. LOL. However, I need to research more about knitting and looking into some knitting tutorial through Youtube (and I’m sure it would be more than plenty). Now I need to find a shop that sell knitting tools. I know it would be somewhere in Solo. This place wasn’t underdeveloped. LOL.

Probably I will update more about knitting… Yeah… (I feel awkward…)

Anyway, I will have a public class for “Working with Social Media” in the weekend and I’m so pumped up about it. It’s actually a free class that you can take every week with different theme and different speaker. It was called Akademy Berbagi (literally Sharing Academy? I think…) and people love it so much, I love it so much. Well, let see what I got from there after the weekend. LOL. I love learning but not in a formal class. I mean, we can learn from anything in the internet when you really determined about learning a thing or two. Really… They don’t give you certificate or grade, but hey… You learn something that you can pass to another people. Like, like knitting! LOL. Okay, I blabber to much. Anyway, I will search about knitting after this. Wish me good luck! 🙂


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