Sad Story but I’m Fine… Maybe.

So… I don’t know how I will cope to write this without crying, but I’m trying. It was regarding Jiya’s kittens. Well, and I still thought that part of it was because of me. So to shorten the wait, I will say that three of Jiya’s kitten were dead. TT

How come?

It was some days after Jiya gave birth… or is it a day after? The kittens were about two days old, still so red and fragile. Most of my family are gone, me too. My house helper was sleeping so she didn’t notice anything weird. Jiya was upstairs with her kittens inside the opened cage when I last leaved them. Somehow, we forgot to close the window upstairs and somehow the kittens’ biological father got in. Their father is a stray cat that sometimes play in our house. I never saw him after my house got renovated so it was somehow unintelligible for me when I knew him around our kittens.

I was outside, you know to pick up my hard disk. However, when I’m on way to home my younger sister sent me a text telling me that three of the kittens were gone. I told her to search on the house, probably Jiya had them moved for safety. She said that she had searched the house with my father but can’t find them.

I got home not so long after then my helper told us that she found blood spots on the sofa before and had it cleaned. I felt like my heart got stopped in a second. That’s how I figured out who killed them. It was obvious. Many kittens got killed by their own father. The motive is jealousy (and I felt like a detective already). Fortunately (or unfortunately) one of the kittens is safe. The 2nd kitten is still alive! I was pretty thankful. Jiya didn’t have to be too lost about it. She was crying out to call her kittens and looked confuse for a while. TT

Cookie is sleeping so tightly after the tragedy.

Cookie is sleeping so tightly after the tragedy. Three days old… I think…

Cookie's cute little bottom. XD

Cookie’s cute little bottom. XD

If you see, I had named the 2nd kitten as Cookie. LOL. Cute name, right? The 2nd kitten looks like a crumpled paper at first. LOL. However, naming it as Crumpled Paper wasn’t really appealing. So we named it as Cookie. Hello there, Cookie… So cute… XD

Cute BellyAnd look at Cookie. LOL. Cookie is sleeping with Mommy Jiya. Sometimes Jiya plays with Cookie (or rather Cookie was played by Jiya), sometimes Jiya takes Cookie for a walk (meaning she would takes Cookie by her mouth to other places like my bed). Cookie still can’t see anything though, so I hope Jiya can nurses Cookie until Cookie can run around. XD


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