Jiya Gave Birth for her Kittens!

Yeay! Should I say it louder? YEAY!

Jiya gave birth yesterday and then I got the time to post this thrilling (are you sure?) experience. Well, I have seen cat gave birth before (a long time ago) and that cat was more whiny and clingy when she gave birth not like Jiya. Jiya (surprisingly) can handle it very well even though I’m a bit anxious about her labor.

It was about eleven in the morning when I came down from my nest room to look for any food on my kitchen when Jiya approached me unsteadily. I saw some liquid on the floor that looks like tea but actually (after a while I concluded that) it was Jiya’s water. My head start to spin and my heart is going crazy So I beckoned Jiya to come up with me. I had her delivery nest ready some other days before so I want her to go there to labor. She began to try to get under my blanket and I was looking at her with a horrid expression. No! No, you would not deliver your baby under my blanket! That’s what I told her yesterday.

This is Jiya, inside her cage nest. Contraction came continuously that I began to sweat. Poor Jiya...

This is Jiya, inside her cage nest. Contraction came continuously that I began to sweat. Poor Jiya…

I carefully took her and placed her in the cage/nest I had prepared. Talk about the nest… Well, when I adopted Jiya from my neighbor, she had came along with her cage. So to make it proper for Jiya to gave birth, I need to remodel the cage. I covered the base of the cage with some cartons, then I added un-crumpled newspapers on top of the carton (you need to crumpled the newspapers first before you un-crumple it, LOL, did I make any sense?) then on top of the newspaper I added my old clothes that I had shred into big pieces by hand (is not necessarily by hand though, my house was lacked of scissors). After that, I covered the outer part of the cage with newspaper (not the crumpled-then-un-crumpled one, just the plain old newspaper) so Jiya would feel protected since cat usually need to find somewhere secluded to gave birth (it’s on their blood). Then voila! Delivery Nest is DONE!

When I put her into the nest, she just obediently sat inside and waiting for the contraction to come. I thought it was pretty painful since I could hear her harsh breath. I was sitting in front of the cage, patiently waiting for her to overcome the contraction very slowly until she gave birth to her first kitten (which wasn’t recorded because my camera decided to go crazy yesterday). After that, in one hour, she gave birth to all of the beautiful kittens. Yes, FOUR kittens to be exact.


Four cutie pies that got tangled up on their limbs. LOL. They just want Mommy’s milk…

I don’t have a name yet for the four kitten, so I should think about it from now on somehow. LOL. However, Jiya didn’t really cut their umbilical cord after the birth. The 1st and the 2nd kitten were still connected to their respective placenta. That’s why I cut their cord with scissor (that I found after a journey of wrecking all the tables and shelves). When I done it, Jiya was looking at my action that’s why (maybe) when the 3rd and the 4th came out she immediately cut their cord. Good job, Jiya! You did a very good job there…

The first born! Still wet and helpless. Awww... Jiya took care of her kitten well... :*

The first born! Still wet and helpless. Awww… Jiya took care of her kitten well… :*

You need to make certain that your scissor are cleaned and sterile by dipping it to boiling water though. We don’t want any complication. You SHOULD NOT touch the kittens with you bare hands for you would transferred your smell to them. No can do. You need to use gloves. They can’t see anything after they born so they only use their nose to find their mother’s milk, it’s not good to make them confused about who’s the real mom when they need to drink milk. Moreover, you can gave them cat-milk, right?

Mommy Jiya got surrounded by her kitty soldiers. | HELP MEEE! | Sorry Jiya, no can do. :P

Mommy Jiya got surrounded by her kitty soldiers. | HELP MEEE! | Sorry Jiya, no can do. 😛

So, this is all about Jiya and her labor process. I’m happy that those kitties are delivered safely. I will update more about them!



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