Poor Angel Got His Hair Cooked

A bizarre title? True. I found the food name as bizarre though when I ordered it. Food name? Wait… Do you mean capellini? Yeah, yeah! That “angel hair”! It was actually an unfamiliar food name for me so I searched it on the internet. And I was shocked that I found it! LOL. Angel hair is actually a thin pasta; like much much thinner from spaghetti and best served in soups or with thin sauce.

So that uneventful day (you will find why I called it uneventful if you read this post till the end), I went downtown for a business transaction (yeah, I got a small job to support my living) in Jackstar (a franchise restaurant in Solo). I was hungry and wanted to try this restaurant’s pasta. I wanted the fettucine but it was out of stock and they only had this angelic food (not the sarcasm). I ordered one serving with small french fries and lemonade. It came much later and it looked like the pic below. It was served with two pieces of garlic bread and small patches of bacon. Looks pretty delicious but it wasn’t that tasty though.

That red patches should be bacon, right? I didn't really paying attention.

That red patches should be bacon, right? I didn’t really paying attention.

It was served with cheese and cheese and more cheese. It was not that kind of tasty cheese though. It was like bland cheese that tasted so much like milk rather than cheese. Personally for me, it tasted like bile (yes, that kind of bile when you feel your throwing up but your stomach didn’t contain anything but your gastric acid…). So I couldn’t really ate it after the bacon’s gone. LOL. Not recommended for anybody out there trying this food in this restaurant. Not recommended at all.

In the other way, I never really tasted the true pasta right from Italia so I don’t really know what it should taste. But one thing I know, this kind of taste (specifically this angel hair pasta from Jackstar) doesn’t meet my hope at all. Ugh… I still can feel it in my tongue; the taste and the texture. Ugh…


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