My Cutie Pie Jiya was Missing! Call 911!


Okay, before you’re freaking out about the title I will spare you some updates. Yes, Jiya WAS missing but we found her and she’s fine now. Of course it took a lot of effort! Why? Well. That’s why I’m writing this blog so I can share about this story called Rescuing Jiya.
So it began at Sunday when Jiya was gone outdoor for a scout and play. (Yeah, she’s not exactly an indoor cat… I like her to be free and up about.) It was usual for her to come back when evening came; even opening the door by herself. But that day, Jiya was nowhere near home. I’ve called her many times but she didn’t come. Then I thought she’s probably just play outside with another kittens.
The day passed and it was Monday already. I’m looking for Jiya in the morning, but since my kitchen has been undergoing a massive surgery (yes, a renovation…) I couldn’t get downstair and was practically can’t go anywhere (Those repairmen are great but, really… How in the earth they chose to put all the roof pieces in the middle of the stairway?!). I was locked (without my consent) in my room until 4 PM after all the roof pieces placed in their sanctuary (which was the roof…). I thought Jiya was downstair but I can’t find her. My sister came home at five then she searched for Jiya around the house. At 7.30 PM, we decided to look for her in the neighborhood. We’ve take a walk around the block and even to another block to find her but we’ve got nothing (except tired legs and sore throat). We went to sleep that night praying for Jiya to be okay somewhere.
Tuesday came not so long after. I called for Jiya again but still no trace of her. Then I went out with my auntie since she wanted me to draw a plan for her friend’s new restaurant. Sounds like a long day? Yes, it was. I came home before noon and went out for a relaxing walk in the mall by myself. I came home again half after four and meet my father outside the next door neighbor. I saw one repairman inside the locked gate with a foldable stair. Then I found out that Jiya was trapped in the empty house that day.
My father has looked for her that afternoon then when he called her outside the empty house she answered! She tried to climb up the garage door but to no avail has failed. She couldn’t get out even though the repairman tried to. We need to pry open the garage door to save her. So, my father called a key master and while we waited for him my father went to pick my sister up from school. At that time, the weather started to get worse very quickly it was raining cat and dog (not literally, mind you…).
When my father came home along with my sister, the street has started to flood. It was not a big flood; only reached my ankles. The key master came then he snucked in (by climbing the gate) to open the gate from the inside so my father and sister could got in. Me? I’m doing my job (drawing a master plan for my aunt) upstair. The flood has reached my sister knees at that time.
The key master needed ten minutes to open the damned garage door with Jiya howled all the time. And as the door opened from the outside, Jiya raced out to the flood and swam her way to the house to found me upstair! She was drenched badly and hungry. I took her downstair to feed her. She ate greedily like there was no tomorrow while my sister tried to dry her with towel.
At night, my sister insisted to keep her in the room (officially my room). So we slept together as lovely siblis we are. LOL.
Yeay, happily ever after! Yeay! But I can’t sleep… Jiya was restless. ToT


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