A Perfect Lunch for Me

I basically rewrite this post twice because Netty (my laptop name. Yeah, a girl.) decided to restart herself. So to begin the post (again) I will say that I found this pic when I browse around looking for a file inside Netty. I remember that I’ve never post this before so I think I should post this now. LOL. I got a good connection for a while, you’ll get more posts without your consent and for my own fun. XD

This pic was taken in mid January when I decided to take a walk in a mall in my hometown. It took one hour (or even more) of a jam-packed-traffic-ride to get to the mall from my house. It was fun since I got to sight see many things from within the bus but because this was an usual route I got bored and started to listen to some musics.

In my town, Surakarta (or Solo, whichever you prefer) food are crazy! I mean, not crazy in a bad way… It’s crazy in a cool way, like because the food were crazily diverse, crazily cheap and crazily spoil your taste-bud with different taste and delicacies! Of course, you can’t just judge it from my hastily taken pictures (and I promise I will rummage my hard disk and post some more food pics for you all); you need to experience it. The space, the taste, the smell! I’m not a good cook (hell, I’m a lazy cook and bad at it) but I grew up with many delicacies around me so I have the urge to taste a good food once (or twice or thrice or frice. Wait, “frice” isn’t a word!) in a while.

My spoiled taste-bud enjoys different flavors at once and that afternoon I feel like I want this food and this drink. It’s a good combination for me since it have a very different flavor from each other.

Yum! Nothing can beat this lunch package. My favorite cheese and coffee flavored warm bun and a tumbler full of durian juice. Yes, DURIAN! Muahahaha!

Yum! Nothing can beat this lunch package. My favorite cheese and coffee flavored warm bun and a tumbler full of durian juice. Yes, DURIAN! Muahahaha!

So I heard that the brand Rotiboy came from Malaysia but wait, let me search it on the web for a reference. Ah, here it is… Rotiboy Indonesia! Anyway, it’s true that it was founded in Penang, Malaysia. LOL. This brand only produce one kind of bread (at least in my town it is) and that is this coffee flavored bun with cheese feeling. Sure it was weird for the first time reading this… Coffee and cheese? Do the flavors even complement each other?  Oh, oh… It is. It’s just perfect. (No, I am not paid to write this. They need to paid me though, I literally throw many great compliments for them. LOL.)

Oh, and the durian juice! Many of westerners that came to my town complain about durian. They said it stink! No way… That was a misjudge; it was unfair for every durian lovers in the world (or in Indonesia… Whatever…). Durian is not only sweet but rich in flavor. When you got a perfectly ripe durian you will find it melts inside your mouth like an ice cream. Yum! (I’m drooling while typing this. Bad, bad, bad topic.) Maybe the smell is too strong for many westerners but the taste was very good. Okay, enough rambling about durian. That afternoon I bought a medium sized Mendem Duren (a franchise that sell durian juices only) and have the seller to put it inside my tumbler (I don’t have OCD, mind you… I just like to use my tumbler. Yes, and I bring my own spoon and chopsticks). It tasted like heaven! The juice was thick and rich in flavor. You should try it. If you didn’t like the smell you can always try the processed one, like durian ice cream or durian flavored milk. It reduced the smell by 70%. LOL.

So yeah. This is it. I’m done rambling about a nonsensical lunch over a single picture. I’m good at it, don’t cha think so? LOL.


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