Well Deserved Treat

I don’t know about you but even though I actually love coffee I don’t drink it too much. I don’t drink instant coffee everyday like most of my friends. I love blended coffee since I have a sweet tooth but sometime I have an urge to just buy an Americano and drown myself in excitement for a day or two (I tend to get really excited after a cup of coffee).

Today I went to Starbucks and as usual trying new coffee to enrich my taste (LOL, WTH am I talking about?) and to have a well deserved mini vacation. I rummaged Google for new musics and such, drink a medium sized coffee called White Mocha Coffe (I think), and have a girl talk. Ah, what a day…

Really... I forgot the name. It was too long. -_-

Really… I forgot the name. It was too long. -_-

Anyway, what I like about going to a cafe is actually to harvest much inspiration. I’m writing a story right now (or a fic?) and in desperate need of a muse. LOL. It’s pretty difficult to write in Bahasa Indonesia when most of the time you read and write in English. Not that difficult but I think I need a bit of motivation.


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