Jiya’s Having A Feast and My Thought about A Preggy Cat


So this is it! My first and probably the last post of the month! Yes, I’m being overly lazy to just go to the internet café to update. It’s pretty far from my home but not that far for me to use the public transportations. So yeah… Awkward. The weather has been changing pretty quickly too, one time it was scorching hot then in a minute it would go all cloudy and rain hard.
And this is my kitten, Jiya, that had reach puberty and on heat again so I decided to give her something to cool her down by bathing her. I’m genius like that! LOL. Anyway, I was thinking about spaying her since a month ago but my mother refused to. She said that it is her nature to give birth and so it was against our religion if we were to spay her. That’s kinda true but I just can’t let my pretty little baby get ambushed by an overgrown stray cat from the neighborhood. So I keep her inside the house even though she’s been howling every few hours. Furthermore, she’s only been 1 year old! I thought that she is too young to be a mother. And it was pretty devastating to see the first time they gave birth.
I experienced it before; trying to calm down a first time mommy kitten when she gave birth. She refused to be away from any human so me and my sister took turn on shift of being with her while she got labor. Hell, that had leave me a deep impression.
So I just don’t know what should I do right now… Keeping her down for as long as she’s on heat is pretty difficult and the howling wasn’t that pleasant either. I hope it would past less than three days though. Omph, wish me luck…


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