おにぎり? 김밥? Seaweed Rice?


So you see… It’s just another random post.
Yesterday was pretty haptic with me and my sister running around the house doing… nothing. LOL. Then we got an idea!
Since we’ve bought a pack of seaweed the day before, we decided to make some onigiri (they called it like that in Japan) or kimbab (in South Korea).
So what you need to make onigiri are cooked rice and seaweed. That’s the basic. You can add something for the filler. Originally, you can put plum paste inside or wasabi paste. You can put in sliced sausaged or eggs. Just pick what you want. Just don’t add chocolate or fruit jam; that would turned it ugly, trust me.
Wet your palms with salt water too prevent the rice sticks on its. Take two spoons of the cooked rice. Press it lightly to make a triangular shape (or any shape you like) until it turned solid. Wrap the nori (seaweed) around it! Voila! A perfect onigiri! XD
You can try it by yourself. It is a very simple recipe. I, myself, prefer to eat cooked rice on a plate with the seaweed as a side dish; no wrapping and no sticky rice in my hands. Yes, I’m that practical.


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