What Makes You Different; Makes You Beautiful

What makes you different? What makes a person different from other? What makes you unique? Have you ever thought about it on your spare time?

This is practically a piece of my jumbled mind. So it is not really necessary to appreciate this post too much. So, yeah… Anyway, I kind of have a chit-chat with my friends. She talked about being different or something (I don’t really get the context before I read her blog, LOL.) then this come to my mind. Like, BAM, I need to write about this! LOL. Yeah, I’m as impulsive as that. You can read my friends post (that made me want to write this post) here; that’s if you want to. You really have a spare time since you read this unnecessary post. LOL.

Let’s get to the main event! XD

We look different. We look similar. I am me. You are you.

We look different. We look similar. I am me. You are you.

If you ever saw yourself in the mirror, who would you see? Is that you? Or another being that looks like you? Is that your friend? Is that your sister or brother? Is that your mother? A normal mirror would (apparently) reflects your image. And what would you see on your image? That round orbs which stare at you? That eyebrows which practically screams your father genetics? That plump and pinky lips you had inherited from your mother? That pointy nose? That chaos called your hair? Do you see what makes you different from others?

Did you see what you expect to see?

Did you see what you expect to see?

What if God creates the human race with the same faces and the same statures, an exact copy of one another; would we be different from others?

What makes us different from others are the thing inside your head. Something produced by your grey matters. Your mind. Your personality. Your speech. Your idea. Your feelings. Your way to solve things. Your independence.

What makes us different was not entirely our physics; it has been always something more personal, something that you can not see with your eyes only. Something that mirror cannot reflects.

What makes us different; makes us human, makes us unique.


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