XIA Junsu; Even Though I Already Know (But I’m Too Stubborn to Let You Go :P)

So this is what happened when I look for Jiya (she’s on heat and helpless, read my previous post.) too much. I lost track of the newest MV of my favorite idol (Should I call him idol? It doesn’t seem fit.) XIA. He’s a part of three-members-male-group idols (JYJ) but looks like he’s on solo right now.

JYJ was banned from broadcasting in South Korea since they filed lawsuit for their previous entertainment agency regarding slave contracts. So I can only watch him from Youtube (But that was fine since I can only watch South Korean MVs on Youtube. I don’t live there obviously.) Anyway, I don’t know about this MV but it was released by they entertainment agency three days ago. So yeah, a bit late.

Basically at the first glance this MV is just like still-cuts of many XIA in different attire (not that I’m complaining) that was dubbed with XIA ballads singing. The song itself was pretty ordinary (I would like to said it as a marvelous song but that means I’m biased). Well, but I enjoy the androginy concepts and moreover the make-up and the shift of characters even though they don’t even talk (or sing).

The song itself is about once-to-be-lovers that break up one person is still can not move on since the said person still in love with the other. The lamest explanation ever, I know. You can find the lyrics from here.

XIA sang this as the closing verse:

Even if the words, I love you, are replayed over and over again
There are no other words I can say to you
Even if you coldly cast me away and turn back
I will always be here
Even if you hate me, because I only know you.

That was deep but a bit ridiculous since I won’t let myself to be drown in that kind of meaningless sorrow. I know it would be hurt to be separated from your one and only love, but then again life goes on. The first three months would feel like hell, that I am sure. But after you get past the denial, you’ll accept it then start to move on. No. I’m not trying to be a love guru or something, I just want to say what my opinion is.

Anyway, I love this MV since I’m biased. Kill me, I’m fine with that. LOL. So what do you think about this MV? Or probably you have something in mind about the song?


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