My Pretty Little Kitten is In-Heat

Jiya’s in heat. Of course, it is normal. Yes. I know exactly that it is normal. But Jiya’s still 7 months old and no way in hell I would let a male cat impregnant her. She had been restless, all cuddly, and howling (or calling) since three days ago. My poor Jiya looks so helpless. ㅠㅠ

I’ve been talking about spaying her with my younger sister but we don’t really know how much it would cost so I think we need to get her to the vet first.  We’re considering to give her birth control medication but I don’t know if it would really help her.

We’ll go to the vet tomorrow. I hope the nearest vet would open tomorrow even if it was Sunday. I don’t really know any vet that open 24/7 so I hope she will survive this night (not that she would die or something, but she looks in pain and pitiful).

So guys, wish me luck… ㅠㅠ


One thought on “My Pretty Little Kitten is In-Heat

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