A Morning Inside the Pumpkin Carriage.

Yesterday, I went to college as usual by bus. Even though people nowadays could always use motorcycles to get into their destination, I’m still going by bus. It was a bit lazy morning for me since it’s only some minutes past ten and I knew that I didn’t have to hassle my way to campus.

Anyway, I live in Surakarta. Not exactly in Surakarta, but in a district near Surakarta (yet my schools were always in Surakarta). Surakarta was known as Solo (not like “solo” in “solo singer”). Solo is known for it’s culture and cuisine. I would love to give you a taste of it but not now. Maybe in another posts. 🙂

This is a part of my campus boulevard. It has pedestrion section and most of the students walked here to their faculty. You can take a bus though…

I stopped in the front of my boulevard campus and started to wait for the campus bus. Well, I usually walk because my faculty doesn’t really that far from the boulevard but sometimes I just feel like going around with bus first. My campus named Universitas Sebelas Maret (or better known as the cheapest university in Java). Most of my campus is like a forest with big trees, shallow valley, and hills. It always gives you the feeling of peacefulness. 🙂

Well, since I ride the pumpkin carriage I can always pretend to use glass shoes, right? I’m lack of Prince Charming though… XD

The bus was a bit old and has a loud noise to begin with. It was moving slowly almost like a pumpkin carriage (and then I realized that this bus is actually painted in orange). This carriage is just too slow that sometime it needs a half an hour to go round its route (from the front boulevard, to the back boulevard, then to the front boulevard again; that’s the whole route) even though the route wasn’t really far to begin with. Well, it means that people need to enjoy their times sometimes. XD

Spare me! XD | This is the interior of the pumpkin carriage. It’s kind of old but better than nothing. XD

It was pretty much a happy morning for me. As you can see, everything in my town seems to go very slow and lazy. LOL. How’s your morning? XD


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