An Afternoon with Friends


Today is Sunday and I decided to go play with some friends. The trip to Solo Paragon Mall was a bit lazy and such though; since it was Sunday so the buses are being lazy too.
It was pretty extraordinary for me to go to mall in Sunday because I don’t really like to mingle with people having their short vacation. But… Because my friend, Diah, asking me to accompany her to hang out then I thought it wouldn’t be bad. Moreover, she has recently got back from her trip to Malaysia and she said that she got something for me. Now that’s more than better, right?
The mall was packed with people; it’s Sunday, obviously. They got a reptiles week too; you could see many reptiles there. No, I’m not taking any of those reptiles picture, thank you. I was so hungry this morning so I hit Hoka-hoka Bento for a lunch, met Diah there, then walking around the packed mall while waiting for my other friend, Yogi, to come.
After talking together for a while then we head to Starbucks (where I took that picture above). Yogi was going home for he need to prepare for his trip to Jakarta. So I’m alone again with Diah, giggling and taking selcas happily like nobody care. LOL.
Anyway, when we were going home, the weather changed in a breeze and a big rain coming. Fortunately, we got home safe and sound. And so, that concluded my afternoon with a friend. XD
How was your afternoon then? 🙂


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