A Very Happy Jiya


Jiya is my seven months old kitten. She cute, aight? And she was very very happy this morning that I decide to capture her cuteness with the camera.
She’s getting bigger day by day and she would be pretty difficult to handle when her bathing time come. She ate too much… -_-
Do you have a pet too? Or even a cat? I specifically a cat person, but I love dogs too… I’m pretty much a sucker when it comes to dogs and cats. LOL.


2 thoughts on “A Very Happy Jiya

  1. Your kitten is very pretty! Its colors and fur pattern reminds me of a homeless cat that I often use to feed in Orio (here on Kyushu island in Japan) on my way home from work. Last time I bought it a warm sausage from 7-Eleven. I thought that cats like meat, don’t they?

    • Thank you! Jiya is very energetic and like to play wrestling nowadays. She wrestled anything near her; my innocent bags, my innocent books, and else. (-_-;)
      Cats are naturally carnivore so it was saved to say that they love meat. LOL. My cat couldn’t eat meat properly for she ate cat snacks since she was small. It was even very difficult for her to eat fish. Poor Jiya… Her previous master didn’t even let her come out of the cage. TT

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