My Favorite SK Variety: Running Man!

It’s not an important post (like many of my posts before), I just need to rant out about what’s been happening on my life to public. LOL. If you care enough to read, that’s it. I don’t think that you would like to hear my rants though. Well, up we go!

Don't Walk, Run!

Running Man has widely known to other countries out of SK and that was a great achievement. They had even shoot the program in Thailand and Hongkong! Would they shoot in Indonesia too? XD

I’ve been in touch with many SK Varieties but this one was (and still) my only favorite so far. Running Man is a TV program with an out-bound concept (most likely for it’s treasure hunts and hide-and-seek part). What makes it grew on me, of course, was the fix members of the program itself. For the first episode, I just found that this was a bit bizarre TV program. The idea is just so random and unpredictable thus made the audience feel thrilled too. And, of course, everyone always survived with their own wittiness and such (which made me could hardly contains my laughter on every episode).

Another thing to add spiciness of this variety is the guest! Well, some of the episodes didn’t have any guest but another episodes could have one until three guests at a time. Hallyu stars have been here too (like Super Junior or Girl’s Generation). Most actors, actresses, and singers would appear to promote their new drama or new song. So, yeah… You won’t get bored to this variety easily if you love K-Pop and K-Drama.

For me, as I major on architecture, I love to see the place where they shot the program. On the former episodes, they would play inside big malls, stadiums, parks, museums, and even inside an orchestra hall. It was a very good feast for my eyes. LOL. Later on, they would shot outside Seoul or even outside SK. All in all, everything was inside the package and I’m so happy with the way it goes until now.

Running Man has fixed members. Usually the show would be hosted by Yoo Jaesuk (known as National MC since he has hosts hundreds of show by himself), then any other members would support him as co-hosts. Then you can find Ji Sukjin too, he’s the eldest member on the show and pretty much a weakling. LOL. You can find Haha too, he’s an entertainer and a singer (he mostly rap or sing reggae). Then you can meet Gary, the straightforward one and a part of Monday Couple (an in-show couple he made with the female member). Gary is a rapper; a part of duo Leessang (and I would said that he could really rap like… hell, he could rap!). Then we can find the muscly balladeer named Kim Jongkook; he widely known as the strongest Running Man member. And the last but not least is Song Jihyo; an actress, she’s a part of Monday Couple (with Gary) and known as The Ace (she’s nimble and witty and could solve puzzle right away). I would love to rant more about Running Man members, but I thought that I need to save on it for later. Either why you could just hit the Wikipedia. LOL.

Anyway, that’s all of it. I mean, I can’t really stand to write on this humid weather while keeping my eyes on Running Man 107 in my download list. Yes… I’m not encouraging you to download it too since, you know, it probably would get you on copyright infringement. But you can watch it on stream too, if you have the speed and the connection… LOL. I still resort on downloading it though, since don’t have any connection at home thus I write this post in an internet cafe.. (-___-;)

You could tell me another variety that would attract me too… I would love to try watching it. XD

Have a good day, lovelies! Ciao!


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