My Brain vs. Languages

This post will talk about why I am using English rather than Indonesian on my blog. Not that it was anything important. But some of you that mostly stumbled upon this page by accident would probably thought that it wasn’t okay; since I’m Indonesian and never gone to any English speaking country before.So I will start with my fondness of languages; I mean, any languages that currently I find fascinating (and that means every language I encounter).

I love learning languages and my English course started when I was nine years old. It was an extracurricular activity on my elementary days. I started to like it and progressed nicely without any much effort (drowning myself in grammar was a very bad experience, FYI). And not so long after, I hooked up with Japanese (much like any other kids that day), it started when I was eleven years old.

I never really get a formal course to learn Japanese; I mostly learned from books and… books, and dictionary (and dictionary is a book). And so until now I don’t really get a good grasp of it except the basic. I know mostly common greetings and conversation but, of course, writing it was another different level. Thanks too Windows Language Pack that I can write it without any much difficulties by now. LOL.

I learned some basic Arabic on my elementary days too and it was compulsary on my middle school. So basically, I learn Arabic for three years. I can write and read Arabic very well (since I’m a Muslim, I think I learn to read Arabic since I’m very young), even though using it as a speaking language was still difficult to me until now. I learned some French on the way. That was the first time I found a rather complicated concept of gender on things. I wasn’t really paying attention to my French learning since I’ve got only a few references and to speak it you need a native teacher too. (It’s difficult to imagine the prononciation if you aren’t familiar with the language). And so I stick with Japanese until my college days.

Not so long after I got in college, I got in touch with South Korean (SK) Music Videos (MVs). And that was when Girl’s Generation having their debut (they look so different these days, in a better way). And not so long after, I got in touch with SK Variety Shows; most of them are hilarious and refreshing, so I got addicted to it. I naturally learnt Korean from their conversation; of course, with the right supply of English subtitles. LOL.

A few years back, I found my way to a SK Appreciation Forum made by South East Asian people. People that love SK variety shows and idols would come and gather to talk about what’s hot that day and then I got more than a friend to interact with. We talked inside the forum then exchanging Twitter username so we can get in touch with others. Many people I encountered came from different countries and then I got a great friend from Italy. That’s when I tried to learn the basic of Italian. Italian was pretty much like French in structure and I got dizzy all of sudden. By then, I got so determined to find a good website to learn languages.

After a while, I got a hold of a language website that was made by South Korean with English as their main language to interact with their student. It was very fun to begin with and those teachers have a refreshing way to teach us Korean. In fact, I got hooked more on Korean because of them (by that time, I almost forget about my Italian). I’m not trying to promote them, but hey, they were that good and even better today so go find Talk To Me In Korean right now. The web page is very tidy, a bit heavy but okay, and they got every things stucturized so you won’t get lost.

And by the time you read this sentence you will probably failed to understand why I talk all about non-sensical things when I only want to reveal the reason behind my English written blog. Well, I’m not straying out from the main reason because if you wrap up all of the information above you will find that I interact with English most of the time that it was sometime easier for me to write in English rather than Indonesian (mostly because I write in English so much before, so I become too comfortable with it). I talk in Indonesian though and Javanese too, I rarely used English on full sentences except when my brain can’t get any Indonesian words thus I resort too use English words (you will probably got irritated so much since I tend to mix up languages). In my town, there are many foreigners too that I sometimes thought that this place is a bit weird. But most of the times, those foreigners would use Indonesian (even though they aren’t really good at it) to interact with others and so I do use my Indonesian to foreigners too. I don’t speak Indonesian in foreign accent (yes, I’m not Cinta Laura!); I sometimes speak in Javanese accent though (rather heavier in accent, hey, but that’s normal… I’m Javanese).

So, you see… Because I mostly comfortable with using English to write, I feel like it was better than doing it in Indonesian. Sometimes Indonesian language is just too delicate to begin with; and I feel too formal for using it. Well, but I would probably use Indonesian to write too; sometimes when I got bored with English.

Yes, that was I want to talk about. Crazy right? And if you wonder what new language I got hooked into: it’s Tagalog, So if any of you want to teach me, I really won’t mind. LOL. Or… If you wonder how old I am right now; I’m twenty five this April.

That’s all folks! See ya!


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