My Very Very First Post!

I don’t really know what I should post here but I will try… I think I want to write about what I recently got hooked with. It was probably just a random brainstorming. I really need to hone my blog-writing skills. And so; these are THREE things I hooked with for sometimes already.

Number 1: An Orange Flavored Lip Balm

I love orange but I don’t really like peeling their skins before I eat (I’m just too lazy and no normal people would eat orange with its skin, aight?) so I think this lip balm is perfect. XD

And so you can now figured out why this blog title looks so random. Yes. That was because my mind was really a mess and tend to use things around to make up something.

I love this lip balm (mostly) since it’s orange flavored and you can not throw away the fact that it really could make your lips moist for all day long. That’s why even though I look like promoting a certain brand I still want to write it. LOL. It said that it could turn your lips as smooth as baby lips on a week with constant use. We’ll see that. I’ve only used it for five days actually. *shrugs* We’ll see… XD

Number 2: A Cocoa Smelled Body Lotion

It’s just beyond perfect; your body will smell like desert after application. And since I LOVE orange flavored chocolate; this lotion perfectly coupled with the lip balm. LOL.

What? I like the smell very much! I find myself drooling for my own skin (as narcisstic as it could be) after I used this lotion. Well, it does keep my skin moist for the rest of the day. And now, if you were thinking what’s with me and moisturizing products, well, I’ve got a whole good reason for my behavior.

My town is climatically HOT because it situated on a tropical country. And sometimes on the year, the weather could be overbearing! It made any normal human skins irritate easily because of the dryness. Yes, so I love to use moisturizing products for most parts of my body. You will do that too, right?

Number 3: Some Korean Indie Musics

This band consists of three people and in my opinion they had a great musicality. Of course, most of their songs are ballads…

It’s not really a thing but, hey, I currently hooked up with their musics. Some indie musics were a blast compared to the mainstream musics on Korean music industry right now. It’s not that I don’t like K-Pop, but sometimes I really need to escape from heavily-mixed-and-synthesized kind of musics. Urban Zakapa has recently released an album and it’s been on my playlist for almost a week. Busker Busker, in other hand, has this kind of lazy-but-charming tunes that always giving me a serene feeling (I got their mini album Wrap Up played over and over again every time I took a bus).

Busker Busker screams lazy songs but, heck, we need to be lazy sometimes…

I usually love Asian rap and hip-hop musics so you can really guess what I usually listen on many other times: Bigbang, Leessang, Home Made Kazoku,Tablo, Drunken Tiger, and much more. (Yes, I’m a hardcore Korean music fangirl.) I love ballads too! I love to pick only ballads songs from many boygroups and girlgroups albums. LOL. Or if you just want a whole of ballads songs on one album the try Kim Jongkook latest album; Journey Home.

Kim Jongkook now known as one of the member of South Korean variety show called Running Man. And, yes, he was all muscly and strong; like a lion. It was pretty fascinating that he got such a soft voice.

Hmmm… I can really got random sometimes. But so, this is my first post. I believe this blog need a more proper first post; hey, but I’ve tried hard here. Anyway, thank you for reading my first post… If any of you read it.

If you wondered why an Indonesian write in English instead of her own native language… Well, you will find it on my next post. LOL.

See ya!


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